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Electric guitar amp specialist | Strasbourg-67 | Tep's Art

Tep's Art: The specialist  on Strasbourg-67 of the custom electric guitar amp, guitar pickups, distortion pedal, bass pickups, boutique amp, high-end guitar amp, handmade guitar pickup, guitar amp manufacturer France, custom guitar amp, custom amp, amp custom guitar

Tep's Art , the benchmark for custom-made electric guitar amps in Strasbourg

Tep's Art, la référence en ampli guitare sur mesure en France

Tep's Art, aka Tep's Amps (20 years of experience), manufactures everything you need to have a great sound on the guitar:

Amps, pedals, guitars, basses and even microphones, all in "custom" or tailor-made.

Tep's Art is French know-how combined with Breton tenacity...

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