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Tep's Guitar Amps

Amps built to last

Tep's amps are hand-built all-tube amps, like everything at Tep's Art, with quality components. Transformers, capacitors, resistors, everything comes from Germany or the US.

Plus, every amp is different, every amp is custom.

First of all, at Tep's, an amp model is above all a concept. Since the electronic circuit is completely custom, we have the single channel clean sound, the single channel overdriven sound, the 2 channels, etc:

   1 channel: One Blade , and Alpha Ohm

   2 channels: Dual Tone , or Dual Gain

   3 channels: Dual Tone Deluxe , Dual Gain Deluxe.

Each amp is made from "turret board", and each component is accessible simply by turning the chassis over. Maintenance is child's play, repair or possible customization very simple for a seasoned technician.  

Exclusively, the last demo of Ephaïstos, the ancestor of Dual Gain...

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