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The ideal pedal platform

The Alpha Ohm is the novelty of the year 2021.

Available in several versions, the Alpha Ohm is above all a concept: a single channel with just a clean sound, but super clean (the clean of Dual Tone) and low power: 10 watts maximum.

It is an ideal platform for pedals.  

The Alpha Ohm is the cousin of the One Blade, but in a clean version, and existing in head and combo format.  

It can be equipped with different power tubes.  The ECC99 gives up to 7.5 watts per pair, while 2x12AX7 will hardly go above 2.5 watts.

With a power of 2.5 watts, the crunch amp passes half the gain, and this can be done at home without bothering anyone or hurting your ears. With a strat, you can have a Hendrixian sound at low volume.

Price: €950 in head format, €1,100 in combo format.

Feel free to contact me for more information...

Lamps: 4x12ax7 2x5881

Effects Loop: Fixed Series

Bias: cathode bias

Weight: 8 Kg

Price :  1250 €

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