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Tep's Guitars

To get an idea of microphones, you need guitars. Having done a lot of testing on different pickup styles, I needed more instruments.

So I started making my own guitars with a router.

Now I have an accurate and reliable CNC milling machine. 

I only have 2 digitized models, the Wolfgang and the Single Cut Tep's Art, Les Paul style.


I mainly work with alder and maple, and the finishes are quite natural. I can also provide you with raw bodies and sleeves without finishing.

Besides, I now have enough knowledge to take care of the general maintenance of a guitar. So if you are looking for someone to adjust a neck, intonation, action, redo a nut, change pickups and so on, don't hesitate, contact me!

Manche en Poirier (Alisier)
Incrustation dans la touche
Basse Medium Scale 19 Frettes
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