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Dual Tone Deluxe

An amp for the pros

The Dual Tone Deluxe is a large all-tube amp with 2 channels, in the sense that there are only 2 tone stacks, but it allows access to 3 types of sounds. The second channel is equipped with 2 gains and 2 master volumes. Typically a crunch or lead with its boost.  

The Dual Tone Deluxe comes in several models, each one is unique. The Ultimate Dual Tone was released in 2019, and this year it's the turn of the Dual Tone Hybrid.  

On a Dual Tone, channel 1 is always a wonderful clean that everyone agrees.  

Channel 2 which has evolved over the years, and was heavily inspired by Cameron, Van Halen, Diezel, and with Dual Tone  Hybrid is a completely original circuit that is born.

Price: from 1500 € (contact me for more information...)

Here, the Ultimate Dual Tone, the usual clean channel, and 2 overdrive channels sharing the same tone stack, based on channel 1 and 2 of the EVH III.

The Dual Tone Deluxe, the first in the series, the legacy of Tep's Amps. The "successful" Cameron/Soldano marriage.

A top-of-the-range amp, with its series/parallel effects loop.

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