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Tep's pedals

High-end pedals

Why would a manufacturer of high-end tube amps offer solid-state distortion pedals?

Already these are not just any pedals, and moreover it does not do double duty.

Many effects pedals have been released in the last 20 years, a multitude in fact.

The MXR, BIG MUFF, and Boss SD-1 have been supplanted by pedals with increasingly complex circuitry, not by the miniaturization of digital components, since most of them are still analog circuits, but by the progress made in printed circuits, the famous PCBs. 

Now, thanks to 2-layer (or more) PCBs, up to 60 resistors and capacitors, as well as FETs and OP amps, can be placed to make much more elaborate circuits than the old pedals, and therefore more complex sounds. than before.

To make multilayer PCBs, you need equipment and a lot of know-how.

That's why I decided to use existing PCBs which allow me to have a circuit structure and where components can be changed.

Do you know pedalPCB ?

This is an American PCB manufacturer. They don't make pedals, no kits, just PCBs of pedal circuits, either clones of existing pedals, or original circuits "imitating" known amps. 

And their PCBs are top quality, so why bother... 

Among these circuits, I decided to retain some of them, on which I will proceed to modifications, or not.

Most of it is overdrive and distortion. 

These pedals have an extremely low noise level for the amount of gain provided.

It's incredible! In any case on a Tep's amp :-).

This is where I was coming from...

On the clean channel of a Dual Tone or an Alpha Ohm, these pedals sound divine.

Overdrives: low to medium gain.

Distortions: strong to extreme gain. 

In preview, the teaser of the demo of the first batch of pedals.

The delay and phaser pedals are in production.

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