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Tep's Distortions

Tep's Art distortions have a higher gain level than Tep's amps in general, except for the One Blade.

On the program, the TL072, AOP well known for its rich high midrange spectrum, and its gain. But also the J201s, but there, we will have 4 or even 5 of them, and all kinds of transistors.

CRAZY PLEXI: replica of the famous Marshall Plexi in JFET fashion. 

2 parallel channels, one bright and one normal, each with its own gain and a 3-band EQ allow you to fine-tune the voicing.

Lots of gain here again... 

Price: €160 including tax

EL SOLDADO: 4 J201 gain stages emulating the famous SLO from Soldano. It's funny?

A lot of gain, a well compressed sound without a breath of parasitic noise.

Price: €160 including tax

The British: the over-vitamined Marshall grain à la Van Halen; this is the emulation of the all-tube amp  BE 100 from Friedman. A lot of gain, much more than the amp can give, but without any breath, even with everything on full .. 

La British Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion High Gain typé UK

Dirty Rocker: almost the same circuit as the British, a little less gain, and an extra midrange setting. The "Tight" bass is on a switch and no longer on a knob ...

La Dirty Rocker Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion high gain dérivée de la Friedman Dirty Shirley

Germanium: This is a Big Muff with germanium diodes. We approach the field of fuzz by pushing the gain. And you can have fun changing the diodes, but be careful, germanium diodes that go well in this circuit are not easy to find.

La Germanium Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion dérivée de la Big Muff mais avec des diodes au germanium

Viking: it is the emulation of the VH4 amp from the German manufacturer which has a name of hydrocarbon; an avalanche of gain and a very aggressive grain, very typical metal.

This pedal can be plugged into the guitar input of a clean channel or into the power amp (the return of the loop), if you don't have a clean channel.

La Viking Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion high gain imitant le son du Diezel VH4

Stadium Full Stack: who hasn't dreamed of playing on a double body amp, or worse, a wall of Marshall. This pedal, using JFETs and not TL072s, without having a huge gain, has a grain that is reminiscent of a stage amp. Having 2 knobs for the mediums, the Mid's and the sweep, as well as 2 gain knobs, located at 2 different places in the gain chain, you will have plenty of time to fine-tune your sound.

La Stadium FullStack Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion imitant le son d'un ampli de scène poussé à fond

Sanguine Distortion: very versatile pedal, this pedal ranges from "blues" crunch to a typical metal distortion, thanks to its 3-position switch called "Aggression".

If you switch on the "bright" of the clean sound on the amp side, you radically change the type of sound. 

La Sanguine Tep's Art est une pédale de distortion high gain très polyvalente
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