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Tep's Humbuckers

Doubles that send

The singles are good but there is a little breath, and it's not very precise in distortion. But there are the humbuckers, which by design have less breath and are more precise when there is gain.

At Tep's, guitar pickups are classified by output level (low, medium and high) and style (vintage or modern). The output level is given by the number of turns of the coils, and the style by the magnets that equip them, mainly ceramic or alnico.

The combinations are numerous but I am at your disposal.

Exclusively, the demo of the neodymium doubles:

Vintage medium outputs:

These pickups are very classic:
Neck: 7.6K 2x5000 Awg42
Bridge: 14K 2x7000 Awg43

130€ the set.

Tep's AllCream Medium Output.jpg

Modern medium outputs:

A very balanced set because in the neck we have 8.5 K and an Alnico 5 magnet, so punchy, and in the bridge 14k, 2x7000 rpm, 1 Ceramic 8 main magnet + 2 boosters in C8 too.

150€ the set.

prs SE set medium output.JPG

High Output modern: HellBoy

The HellBoy is a high output microphone:
19K, 2x8000 turns and 3 ceramic 8 magnets make it a beast of metal.


The Neodymium/Alnico 8 set: 

Bridge: 19K, 2x8000 turns and 1 magnet  neodymium.

Neck: 8.5K, 2x5500 turns and 1 Alnico 8 magnet.

Nickel silver base and cover. 

€180 per set.

set neo a8.jpg
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