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Overdrives Tep's

Overdrives include boosts and crunches. The level of distortion is moderate. Included are op amps/diodes and JFET's.

Insane Overdrive: at this level of gain, is it still an overdrive? Personally, I loved it right away. A very responsive EQ, and a very progressive gain, but which sends far enough into the  field of "distortion" with a fairly UK-oriented grain. 

Price: €160 including tax

ZE Preamp: An overdrive that does almost everything. 

With its 3 modes that can be activated by means of a 3-position switch, normal, medium and fat, you can go from clean boost to super crunch via a very bluesy grain that I appreciate. For those who do not want large saturations ...

Price: €130 including tax

Zen Overdrive: The Zen is a great pedal to magnify the sound. Ideal for blues, this pedal also allows you to do AC / DC, this kind of crunch. It can be easily modified, in the sense that we can change some components related to the grain of the overdrive. Between the AOP and 2 diodes, we can have fun. 

Price: €130 including tax

Old Timer Preamp: so why "Old Timer"?

Quite simply because it's vintage like overdrive. In terms of technology, we have JFETs, J201s which saturate nicely. The BIAS of the JFETs is adjustable, you can try something other than the J201s provided you set them well, but it's easy with a voltmeter.

Price: €140 including tax

Old Timer Preamp est un overdrive très vintage pour la guitare électrique
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